How to handle infractions in a public setting

Spanking and Domestic Discipline
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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by PennyG » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:27 am

Well if you like that idea you'll like the other one I use with him when out in public too. I keep a disposable mens pull-up type diaper in my purse in a ziploc bag. If he gets whiny or acts immature in any way I send him to a restroom to bring me back his undies in that bag and put on the diaper for the remainder of the day. Not that I want him using it (ewww) , but the uncomfortable feeling of it and the feeling that others can see it seems to be very effective.

I've used this penalty with my kids too. Seems to works for all ages, they all get self conscious that the world can see their undergarments. Between us... No one sees it, no one will comment on it even if they did suspect it. It's all psychological. Be a baby, get treated as one. Most times the spanking when we get home isn't necessary but the reward of going back to a normal undergarments is enough to promote good behavior. Or I tell them to just sleep in them and promise a stern spanking in the morning if I don't get a real, sincere apology at breakfast.

Spankings are usually the last resort for us. I mean even at his age a spanking shouldn't be necessary. He knows if we make it to the spanking part he is not going to sit comfortably for at least a day or two as I use the Paddle and Cane. Double your age in swats is the rule and a dozen with the cane. Bare ONLY.

Wow, I rambled a bit there. Sorry. Btw, he's upstairs sleeping in diapers tonight. It was one of those Sundays with my family and he acted badly. Private message me if you'd like to here more details, this probably isnt the right place for it. I would like a pen-pal to discuss these issues with. -Penny

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by NateG » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:04 pm


I think those ideas could work wonders in some cases. Like you said, it is mostly psychological and if it works, go with it.

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by geeman » Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:18 am

Well I'm glad my Wife doesn't know about the diaper trick, She would definitely adopt that practice. Not that we have many discipline issues when we go out but Kate doesn't have much tolerance for bad behavior. Kate usually gets in front of any issues by giving me a lecture prior to going out or will have a talk with me in the car on our way somewhere. That reminder sticks in my head and keeps me grounded.

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by Busylady6 » Sat May 05, 2018 1:02 pm

Dear Penny
I believe that my husband would not use that as a tactic
I can share but if you would like a pen pal I would be happy to share
I am not the HOH but it is nice to make friends and hearing a HOH perspective is helpful because it helps me to remember that I can be more respectful than I am
I am currently in trouble today 😔
I was really frustrated and spoke to him in a way that made him pretty upset with me
He had been short with me since than and I know we will “talk” later
He does not use spanking as a last resort and I realize that I am in for a world of discomfort.
I also know I will be writing tonight and focusing
Who knows maybe I needed to have something tip over the scales
It has been a while since I was in trouble
I am grateful that he does not do the diaper trick I think that would be difficult for me
I would hate to be out in public like that
Someone also suggested that giving up my undergarments to remind me of my position
I explained that and he said he didn’t want to do that so I am lucky he probably would not want to do the diaper thing either
I will share with him and I apologize for not getting back to this thread sooner

Much Love

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by MrsGrey79 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:17 pm

I have yet to encounter much of this in public in our relationship. He has swatted me in public places a handful of times and only one swat each time. It’s usually because I’m back talking or being cross. He has threatened to spank me in public before in the car and that alone has kept me where he’s never had to. Very interesting thoughts and replies on this topic. If I had to sit bare bottom in the car awaiting a spanking I think I’d be totally mortified from just that part.

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by DesertRose » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:33 pm

It's interesting how couples vary in this regard. Not everyone is accepting of being spanked in public, at least not in an obvious way. For me, I wouldn't want that, and the thought itself scares me because I come from modest background and culture. I'm not even sure how I'd respond if my HOH suggested that I'd be spanked in front of someone. In most parts, I think I'd take the threat and do my best to avoid the situation, but my submissive nature might finally give up if he decided to follow through.
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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by right now » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:53 pm

Hi Busylady, I think that's a concern for a lot of people. it is hard to maintain the same behavior in public for either person, but if you are careful and aware of yourself you can avoid real infractions.

I have not had problems with misbehaving in public from my wife, but if it's a problem for you, I'd suggest he give you a reminder of the behavior he desires before you go out together. If the problems have been bad enough, he can give you a reminder spanking before walking out the door.

I do make a point to remind my wife before entering certain settings, such as doing financial transactions together or seeing a house together. Not that she has a discipline problem, but I remind her to let me speak, and to always defer to me in any decision making.

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by Goldilocks » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:04 am

I get the glare, sometimes a whisper of warning in my ear, or a swat on the bottom. A couple of times I have gotten a serious lecture before getting out of a vehicle.
A few times in the past, i got a preventative spanking before leaving.
But mostly its warnings in some form or fashion. Oh! I am not allowed to wear undergarments before we leave. That way when he has to swat me, I really feel it.
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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by Coryman » Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:55 am

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Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting

Post by Mel41 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:23 am

Coryman wrote:
Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:55 am
When we were a couple, a large clothesbrush hung by the front door. There was nothing unusual about it, nothing to draw anyone's attention to it and it's hidden meaning. For her it was the last thing she saw when she left the house and the first thing she saw when she got home. If she acted up when we were out, she knew she could expect to get that brush good and hard across her bare bottom. I also knew what was in store for her, so public infractions were never a problem for us.

I used to speak to her in code, though with nothing formally worked out. She understood perfectly. If I said, "I want a word with you." Her blood would instantly run cold knowing she was in deep trouble. In public she might make a disrespectful comment - much of which I would let go - if it was said in good humour. If she got near the knuckle, being reminded she was sailing close to the wind, or living dangerously, would be sufficient to stop her short. But if she said something really bad, or worse, self denigrated, I would simply say "OK, have it your way." None of which could be picked up on by sharp ears. On arriving home, "her way" would be over my knee with her pants down, writhing and yelling under a relentless whacking with the brush. She often said it's image was branded deep into her brain.
Subtle, but effective. I can appreciate that. I don't like being exposed to others' relationship drama (arguments, reprimands, etc) and endeavor to give others the same courtesy.
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