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Re: Interference & public spankings

Post by sweetie » Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:11 am

Indebted Housewife wrote:
Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:31 pm
I would also like to clarify the nature of my public spankings as some have done above. These are all the locations where I have received a public spankings from my husband:
1. Pulled over at side of the road (including freeway)
2. At Walgreens late at night when it was very quiet(I mouthed off in public)
3. On the roof of our apartment building after dark. Dear husband asked one of his friends to listen to the strikes of the test strapping from the street. He said they were barely heard. As a necessity, I am muzzled for these roof punishments.
4. On a dark street with big expensive houses set back from the road, behind planting when dear husband was escorting me home for the night
5. In our living room with all curtains open during the light of day; this is considered for severe infractions only, thank god
6. One hard smack will often be administered in the hall way and-or elevator of our apartment building. If more than one smack is required, then immediately entering the apartment and stripping for the public infractions. This rule stands for both going out and returning home.
7. In my husbands office: I have received one hard naked slap when only one strike was required, and I have also had a long naked strapping late at night when no one was there except us. The door will always be locked for these punishments
8. One day I committed such a severe infraction when out in the park with my husband that I was marched to a nearby Porto potty for three hard naked smacks from the belt. I was warned that it could have been much worse but for the fact that we needn’t draw attention to our private family affairs. After this naked strapping, I was required to sit naked in the Porto potty for 30 minutes after my husband left, with the door locked of course. After thirty minutes, my husband brought my
Clothes back to me sitting naked in the Porto potty, and I was allowed to put them on and wear them home. Once again, I was warned that it could have been much worse if not for my luck of being in public.
This is a very interesting list, Indebted Housewife, which I hope doesn’t give MrsSweetie any ideas.

Regarding #8, I hope your husband stayed in sight of the Porto potty for those 30 minutes. I can imagine a scene maybe five to ten minutes in where a member of the public, desperately waiting to use the engaged Porto potty, starts shouting or banging on the door out of frustration...
sweetie x
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