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Re: Not a Spank-free Vacation

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Congratulations... you have passed an epically important phase of your DD life. My issue was I was a good girl. So soon after we were married, spanking almost evaporated. I had made being a good girl an idolatry and it was a way of topping from the bottom. I was also growing miserable because I wasn't being spanked. When I am not consistently spanked, my spirit starts to wonder about my Sir's care for me. This was what we struggled with early in the marriage. My mother, who was also a DD bride, plainly said that I just needed to be spanked more. She suggested making more extensive rules and protocols. That did help and my spankings rose to about once a month. That was still inconsistent though because sometimes I wouldn't be spanked for more than six or seven weeks.

We met another couple on line who were older and more experienced at DD. We have spent time together and they have become fast friends even though they live in a different part of Texas than us. We got to observe their dynamic from afar when we were together. I have heard her get punished perhaps a half dozen times. We would be in the same room chatting or playing board games and she has such a broad, gregarious personality that she sometimes talks over people unintentionally. Her Sir was quick to respond to it though and twice our games have been interrupted for her to be spanked. At first, I thought he was going to do it right in front of us but he walked her back to the kitchen and the sound of a wooden spoon being laid on her fanny resounded through the house. Then they came back both smiling, she a little mussed. She would apologize and we would go on with the game.

Later, I asked if it was hard or embarrassing to be spanked with guests in the house. She smiled broadly.

"Having guests is a normal thing for us," she said. "Getting spanked when I am thoughtless or naughty is also normal for us. So it was a perfectly normal day."

Watching them had a profound impression on us. As we were driving home, which was about a 4 hour drive, Sir asked me to stay awake for him so that he could keep attentive while driving. After 15 minutes, I confessed that I was struggling to stay awake.

"Would a spanking help?" He smiled wryly as we both felt the influence of our friends lifestyle already affecting ours. I nodded with the same kind of smile and we pulled off at a remote Texas exit. While cars drove along the interstate, he got me out in the early evening darkness took my pants down and gave me a pretty hard bare hand spanking, which completely got me out of being sleepy and felt completely loving and generous.

Learning to embrace my spankings as not just necessary but welcomed parts of my life has totally turned our marriage on a healthy course. :D :D :D :D :D
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