Please take your time and introduce yourself to us - why Domestic Discipline, are you married, how your relationship progressed...
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Post by JacCar2019 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:17 am

Hello everyone, my name is Jac and Ihave have always been interested in this lifestyle, just didn't know there was a name for it to be honest. I thought I was just old-fashioned. Anyways, I've been married for almost two years now and my husband and I are trying to establish this in our marriage. Definitely has its ups and downs, I think the biggest thing is just getting more comfortable and consistent with the lifestyle. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself, stay safe everyone!

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Re: Hello

Post by Emily » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:35 am

Welcome! :)
Happily married to the most wonderful and loving guy! 💖💖💖

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Re: Hello

Post by AWE_1993 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 8:15 am


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Re: Hello

Post by Pink cheeks » Sun Dec 20, 2020 9:49 am

Hello and welcome Jac

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Re: Hello

Post by Olivia » Sun Dec 20, 2020 11:10 am


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Re: Hello

Post by Bratastic » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:40 pm

Welcome, Jac!

Brat xo
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Re: Hello

Post by DesertRose » Sun Dec 20, 2020 3:39 pm

🌸 I want a husband who will love me enough to punish me.

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Re: Hello

Post by Firmand » Sun Dec 20, 2020 5:59 pm

Hello Jac, and welcome!
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Re: Hello

Post by Axel » Thu Dec 24, 2020 2:41 am

Welcome Jac!
Looking forward to hearing your story and following your development. We are also looking for more consistency in our relationship. It goes both ways, I think. As a Hoh i have to keep an eye on myself, not just on her.
Happy holidays!

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Re: Hello

Post by leenicolelinn » Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:45 am

Welcome Jac

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