Domestic discipline and Christianity

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Re: Domestic discipline and Christianity

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Eph 5:24 says "Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their
own husbands in every thing.". What is a submission that refuses to accept consequences for
actions? Simply put, it is not. Job 5:17 says "Behold, happy is the man (woman) whom God
correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:". What a Christian wife
needs to understand is that, God has placed her under her husband’s authority and protection.
When a man chooses to spank his wife to correct her, she is experiencing the chastening of the
Lord through the proper channel of authority God has set forth in 1 Cor. 11:3, "But I would have
you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the
head of Christ is God.". Does a wife want to stand before God at the Judgment Seat of Christ
someday and be asked why she didn't submit to her husband's correction? She must also
understand that men WILL stand before Christ someday and give an account for how they led
their wives in this life. The beautiful part here for a wife is, even though it may be difficult, all
she must do to receive a blessing from the Lord is submit to her husband in everything (as long
as he isn’t commanding her to breaks God’ laws, i.e. sin). Eph. 5:25-27 “Husbands, love your wives,
even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with
the washing of water by the word,That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot,
or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”
Heb. 12:11, "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous:
nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are
exercised thereby." Now chastening can have many different forms. A husband could take away
his wife’s cellphone or credit card, have her write lines, whatever he chooses and works best.
Throughout the Bible though "The Rod" or corporal punishment has been given us as an
example for correction of all ages INCLUDING adults (Deut 25:3, Prov. 26:3, Prov. 10:13). One of
the best examples that is appropriate for a husband to use corporal punishment when
correcting his wife is in Isa. 10:5-6 where God punishes his disobedient wife Israel with invasion
from Assyria which he calls "the rod of mine anger". This reference is consistent with Rev. 3:19
where Christ warns his bride the Church of his chastening if they do not repent.

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