Domestic Discipline Blog: What Does My Wife Think While I Spank Her?

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Domestic Discipline Blog: What Does My Wife Think While I Spank Her?

Post by Rand E » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:44 am

Post : What does my wife think while I spank her?
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Posted : November 22, 2017 at 10:23 am
Author : Clint
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Last Sunday Clint wrote a post that detailed his thoughts during a spanking ( ... -spanking/ ) . I had never really thought of writing out my thoughts but when Clint suggested it and then we got suggestions from readers I decided maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

I’ll admit though, this is harder than it seems. I really had to think about how I feel, and my reactions, during each stage of the spanking. It was difficult, but I got it done! ... 00x225.jpg

The infraction is made.

> I’m so screwed. What was I thinking?? Oh yeah. I wasn’t thinking. I knew it was a rule and I completely didn’t think. You know that saying think before you speak or before you act? I should get that tattooed on me or something because I can never seem to remember it. Well, maybe Clint won’t find out. Who am I kidding? I’ll start feeling guilty right about…now, and then even if he doesn’t find out I’ll end up telling him. I wish I could just fast forward time.

I confess, or Clint finds out about the broken rule.

> Clint was surprisingly more calm than I expected, although I should be used to that by now – he’s always pretty calm. Alright now let’s start thinking of all the ways I could get out of this! I could beg for a get out of spanking free card, but I’ve tried that before and it never works. I’ve got to get more creative this time.

Clint interrupts with a threat to not even try to bribe him out of it, or any of my other crazy antics.

> I’m stuck, I guess. Well, actually, I’m not stuck. I wanted this, remember? But by this, I mean the lifestyle. Not the spanking. Definitely not the spanking. Can we just fast forward time now??

The kids are in bed, and the night has wound down.

> Come on babe, fall asleep early! Forget about the spanking. Oh hey, I got an idea, let’s watch ONE more show so you get extra tired! C’mon babe. Just forget, please!

We head upstairs to go to bed.

> I guess he didn’t forget. The closet light is on, which means he is likely retrieving the implements. I feel really bad for putting us both in this position. It sure would be awesome to just go to bed instead of dealing with this, so I can only imagine how he feels. I know he worked a lot today, and he’s probably exhausted to. I wish I could do it all over with and not make the same mistake.

He sits down on the bed, and the lecture begins.

> Gosh, maybe he is more upset than I thought. I can tell this issue means a lot to him, and I feel awful. I HAVE to remember to think next time. I’ve got to remember the rules, slow down and stop rushing around. I know it’s either that, or when I’m stressed, that I’m most likely to break the rules and I can’t believe I just didn’t think. It’d be nice if he stopped asking me what I was thinking because I wasn’t thinking, so I have no answer.

He motions me over his lap. Time for the warm-up spanking.

> I really hope the wooden spoon mysteriously vanished.

The warm-up is over with, and we take a short break before the spanking begins.

> I seriously cannot believe I’m getting spanked for this. It’s justified, no doubt, but it could have been avoided in so many ways. I’m going to learn from this. I have to learn from this, because I really don’t want to be in this position again, especially for the same thing.

I lay over the bed, and the spanking begins.

> I forgot how much this hurts. It seems like the longer I go without a spanking the more it hurts when I do get spanked. Ouch! And that paddle. I swear we need to get rid of that paddle…

The lecture continues in the middle of the spanking.

> He’s right. I screwed up. I feel horrible. I feel bad for him – for putting him in this position. And, as selfish as it is, I feel bad for me too. This hurts!

The spanking continues.

> Ouch, ouch, ouch. Alright, hold still. Don’t reach your hand back. That’d be a very bad idea. Don’t do that. Just hold still, it’s almost over. I can’t wait for it to be over because I’m tired, and because I really want to cuddle with him. C’mon. I’ve learned from this! I just really can’t believe I’m even in this position.

The spanking ends, and Clint puts away the implements.

> Should I look at it? No. I don’t want to see it because I already know what it looks like. Red, really really red. My bottom is on fire. I swear, I’m never making that mistake again.

Clint gives me a long hug, and we get into bed together.

> It hurts, really bad. But it doesn’t matter. Cuddling with him is the best. I love him. A lot. He’s strong, and he can spank hard, but he does it for me and for us, and I know that. He’s amazing. This is why domestic discipline is amazing. I’m grateful we have this lifestyle. I would take the spanking over an argument or whatnot any day. Just remember not to rub it even though it is stinging so bad!

We start to drift off to sleep.

> I’m the luckiest wife in the world.

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