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Domestic Discipline Blog: How to start bare bottom spankings

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Post : How to start bare bottom spankings
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Posted : December 14, 2017 at 10:40 am
Author : Clint
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“Take down your pants, please” is a phrase I’ve become all too accustomed to hearing over the years, and a phrase that never gets easier, I swear. I don’t know why, because it’s one of those things that, like the spanking, I know it’s coming, but it still hard to accept. There’s that inner struggle each time of, “do I really have to?” and “can’t we just do it the way we used to?” ... 00x225.jpg

The “way we used to” is referring to the way that we used to spank when we first began domestic discipline. It’s no secret that the way Clint spanks, like most HOH’s, has transitioned, evolved and developed over the many years we’ve been living the lifestyle. Implements have changed, positions have changed (slightly), and our rule list has been updated and transformed as well. But, the other big change has been transitioning from being spanked over the clothing to bare bottom spankings.

When we first began domestic discipline Clint had a friend who also practiced the lifestyle and “guided him” into what this lifestyle was all about, and how it worked. At the time there were pretty much no internet resources on the topic (other than personal blogs) so Clint’s friend’s knowledge and his own instinct was really all he had to rely on. His friend had told him that bare bottom spankings were more effective, and “normal” for domestic discipline relationships but Clint disagreed, stating that there didn’t seem to be much of a point to do it on the bare bottom and that it seemed unnecessary, and thus we began domestic discipline using spankings that were over the clothing.

They were effective, no doubt. Were they effective simply because they were over the clothing? Not necessarily. They were effective because we were relatively new to domestic discipline so pretty much any form of punishment was changing my behavior at that point. But, as we began to evolve with domestic discipline we hit a wall. The problem we were facing was that the spankings started to not change my behavior as long-term as both Clint and I would have liked. And thus, we “graduated” from a beginner-level type of spanking to a more advanced level that worked better for us.

Part of that transition included Clint “trying out” how effective it would be, long-term, if the spanking was bare bottom. The idea was if the sting of the spanking lasted longer, without Clint having to spank longer or harder, then it would probably be worth it. And, his theory was correct.

The first bare bottom spanking came as a surprise. It isn’t one of those things that we sat down first and said, “okay, now here’s the changes we’re going to make.” and then implemented them. We do that with some domestic discipline things, but with this, it was almost out of nowhere. Well, I shouldn’t say that. We had talked about it briefly in the past, but it was something that I definitely wasn’t expecting.

I’ll admit that I really didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did! The same spanking given bare bottom, as opposed to over the clothing, was a world of a difference and, although it felt like he was spanking so much harder, he really wasn’t. The sting was just more evident, and that became apparent after just one swat. I struggled a lot at first with cooperating (as bad as that is for me to admit) and, to be honest, it’s still hard at times, but the spanking was, without a doubt, more effective.

We had found something more effective without it necessarily having to be a longer spanking, and Clint was on board immediately. I don’t think he ever regretted conducting spankings over the clothing at first (and, I certainly didn’t!) because it allowed us to transition into domestic discipline at our own pace. But, no doubt about it, the spankings are more effective now.

We’ve now transitioned from spankings being bare bottomed to all spankings (including swats, and stress relief) being underneath the clothes. That’s a transition that, I won’t lie, was tough for me at first. But, I can’t argue the fact that it is more effective and therefore my case for it to go back to “the way it was before” is pretty hard to make.

There have been several different transitions we’ve made within domestic discipline over the past several years, but this was probably the most apparent, and the one that I don’t think will go away or be changed anytime soon, and that’s just one of the things that I need to trust that Clint’s decision on is the best for us. So far, it has been.

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