Domestic Discipline Blog: What does the HoH think during a Spanking?

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Domestic Discipline Blog: What does the HoH think during a Spanking?

Post by Rand E » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:41 pm

Post : What does the HoH think during a Spanking?
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Posted : November 22, 2017 at 10:23 am
Author : Clint
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[You can read the article what my wife thinks during a Spanking here. ( ... -spank-her ) ]

The infraction is made.

> It happened again? Seriously?! This is so irritating and frustrating. I spanked for this last time — HARD — and evidently the message still didn’t get through to her. Am I doing something wrong? It must be the lecture. Yeah, I’m not lecturing well enough. I won’t make that mistake again. She’ll remember this lecture. I’ll make SURE of it. She’ll remember the spanking, too. Oh yes, she’ll remember the spanking.

Chelsea gives me an apology, and she playfully tries to downplay her mistake by flirting with me and making jokes about it. ... 00x225.jpg

> I know it was a mistake. People make mistakes. She’s making funny jokes about it too, but I can’t laugh. She needs to know this is a serious matter and I intend to correct her behavior. Should I punish her for making light of the situation? Seems harsh to do so, but come on. It’s annoying…but adorable at the same time. That’s my wife. That’s why I love her so much, and why I need to make sure this never happens again. I won’t punish for her for joking about this. Unless she keeps it up…

Time passes. The kids are in bed. We’re ready to call it a night.

> I’m so exhausted, but we have to take care of this spanking tonight. Man, it would be so much easier to just go to bed. I’m so sleepy. That wouldn’t be fair to her though. Regardless of how tired I am and how much that pillow is calling my name, I need to do this and get it over with. She needs to understand that things like this won’t be tolerated and absolutely cannot happen again. Plus, I don’t want her to worry about it all through the night and on into tomorrow. I’m sleepy, but I have to do this for both of us. I have to follow through. I have to be consistent.

I retrieve the spanking implements and place them on the bed. We sit down next to each other. I begin to lecture.

> Ugh. Lecturing. I hate lecturing her, but I have to make sure she understands why I have chosen to spank her for this. Yeah, she knows already, but I really need to pound the point home this time. This is where I fell short the last time this happened, and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. This problem can’t happen again. It just can’t. I’m not stopping with the lecture until that is crystal clear to her.

Chelsea lies over my lap, bare bottomed, and I do a warm up spanking.

> Firm strikes, alternate cheeks, distribute evenly…maybe I’ll use the wooden spoon for the warm up this time. Yeah, I’ll do that.

We take a break. I rub her bottom as she remains lying over my lap.

> Was the warm up long enough? Yeah, I think so. We’ve done this many times before. I know what I’m doing.

Under my direction, Chelsea stands up off of my lap, then quickly lies down again, leaning over the bed this time.

> This sucks.

I grab our implements and lie them down next to me on the bed. I briefly hesitate and ask if she’s comfortable. I begin striking.

> One, two, three, four, five (I count the strikes in my head…no idea why, but I do). Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike firmly, distribute evenly, STOP. Okay, now switch implements. Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike firmly, distribute evenly, STOP. Okay, switch implements again. Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike firmly, STOP. Say something.

My lecturing continues mid spanking.

> Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike firmly, distribute evenly, STOP. Change implement. Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike a little harder now, distribute evenly, STOP. Change implement. Is she okay? Is the message getting through? Perhaps a little more lecturing is needed.

I stop the spanking, gently place my hand on her bottom, and continue lecturing.

> This better be getting through to her. If this mistake happens again, I’m going to be really upset. Extremely upset. It has to stop, and stop right now.

I start spanking again.

> Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike quite hard, distribute evenly, STOP. Change implements. Back and forth, alternate cheeks, strike quite hard, distribute evenly, STOP. Her attitude has changed. She’s had enough.

I stop the spanking.

> That was hard to get through, but it needed to be done. It’s over with now. She has learned her lesson…I hope. She better have. I don’t want to do this again. Now comes the easy part though. Now I can hold my wife, and goodness gracious do I love her a lot. She’ll be okay.

Chelsea stands up, I put the implements away, and we lie next to each other on the bed, embracing.

> It’s in the past now. My wife is okay, and I’m okay. We got through it, and we’re better because of it. My wife is safer, too. I’ve done my job in protecting her. She won’t be making that mistake again for a long time. She’s such a sweetheart. I hate seeing her in pain, but it really is for our collective benefit. I feel a little tool-ish thinking that, but it really is true. I love her so much. She did an awesome job and I’m so proud of her. I love lying her with her, holding her. This is why domestic discipline is so awesome. I love her with all my heart.

We both briefly talk with one another quietly before drifting off to sleep.


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