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Domestic Discipline Blog: Warm Up Spankings

Post by Rand E » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:24 am

Thanks again to Miras for recovering this blog post.

Post : Warm Up Spankings
Posted : September 29, 2017 at 9:12 am
Author : Clint
Tags : Consent, Domestic Discipline, Domestic Discipline Marriage, Head of the Household, Knowing Your Roles, Learning DD, Learning Domestic Discipline, Punishment, Responsibility, Spanking, Submissive
Categories : Head of Household - Spanking, Spanking, Submissive partners: Spanking and Implements

As we prepare to go further into the different levels of spankings within a domestic discipline relationship/marriage, it’s important we cover warm up spankings first. Intermediate Level Spankings ( ... spankings/ ) and Advanced Level Spankings ( ... spankings/ ) both require a warm up spanking within them, so we’ll go over warm up spankings in this entry.

A warm up spanking is a brief spanking conducted prior to the main spanking to “prepare” the nerves of the buttocks for the strikes that will follow. The purpose of a warm up spanking is to bring the nerves of the buttocks to the surface, which greatly reduces the likelihood of bruising. Warm up spankings are done with the hand or a wooden spoon, and typically do not exceed much more than 20 strikes. ... 00x225.jpg

Warm up spankings are conducted very similarly to Beginner Level Spankings ( ... -spankings ) . The only significant differences are the implement(s) used, and how the head of the household conducts themselves once it’s finished. For sake of simplicity, please refer to the Beginner Level Spanking ( ... -spankings ) entry for steps 1-5 on how to conduct a warm up spanking. Steps 1-5 are literally exactly the same for both a Beginner Level Spanking and a warm up spanking. We’ll pick up on step 6.

Step 6: The HoH strikes directly on the buttocks and/or sit spot of their partner with either their hand or a wooden spoon. It’s recommended the HoH use their non-spanking hand to assist their partner in keeping position by laying their non-spanking hand across their partner’s lower back. The HoH then strikes the buttocks using about 1/3 to 1/2 of their strength, alternating cheeks. We recommend striking between 15-20 times.

Step 7: Upon completion of the warm up spanking, the the submissive partner is recommended to remain in the same spanking position, and the HoH is recommended to rub the buttocks of their partner for approximately two minutes. The rubbing is added preparation for the nerves, and it reduces the sting a bit. Again, the warm up spanking is not necessarily intended to be the ultimate correcting influence, but rather to prepare the buttocks for the remainder of the main spanking to follow. The rubbing of the buttocks is also a comforting gesture, and will help make the submissive partner feel as though their HoH really does care, and really does have their best interest at heart.

That completes the warm up spanking. After the two minutes of rubbing, the main spanking then begins.

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