What is Domestic Discipline for you?

Spanking and Domestic Discipline
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What is Domestic Discipline for you?

Post by Clint » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:54 pm

... So although we published a while ago an article called What is Domestic Discipline?, which can be read here:
http://domestic-discipline.net/what-is- ... iscipline/

I still was wondering, what do you guys think? What is Domestic Discipline for you? How has the lifestyle helped you? How would you define Domestic Discipline (the way you live it)?
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Re: What is Domestic Discipline for you?

Post by Kerry » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:58 pm

I read how he is to maintain the safety stability happiness of the household by addressing behaviors that hurt the relationship and family. I am very kind and giving but also stubborn and self centered in so.e areas. I know I have to be a goid roleodel for his cHildreth so they can have financial and emotional stability. Although I struggle with the concept sometes, life is not always about me. I am responsible and have a good but stressful career and need an outlet so I shop for fun and to meet and interact with fun people. But I definitely live in the moment. I need guidance
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Re: What is Domestic Discipline for you?

Post by Mel » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:43 pm

I have always been a submissive wife when it came to financials and raising our children. When we started DD three months ago it was because I had stepped outside my role in our family. We faced many difficult situations and I couldn't get a hold on my self or my attitude. I was beyond depressed and didn't know where to go.

Three months ago my attitude had done a 180 I not every other word out of my mouth is a cuss word. WE CLEANED THAT FIRST! Also I respect my husband more. We talk more and work out situations together. I went from total disrespect to enjoying to respect him. We went to sleeping on separate sides of the bed with our own blankets to cuddling till morning under one blanket. We went from screaming to spanking and forgiveness.

My kids see their parents kiss, say I Love you, and stand together as one instead of one against the other. My husband has even changed how he communicates to our children. If there is an issue when he is not home I may put them in time out, send them to their room, or have a conversation with them. IF anything more than that needs to take place it is done with me standing next to Michael and Michael caring out the punishment. We have fairly good kids but it helps them know that we are united as one.

Our house is clean, my laundry is not backed up, and our house for the most part went from the grips of hell to the garden of Eden. I still mess up, but I have a sound reminder that I need to get my act together because our marriage was not working out the other way.

Starting out DD was slow now it just like it has always been there. I get a list of chores every morning and I do them. In the evening I have dinner ready and kids homework done before dad gets home. We eat dinner dad cleans up with kids and mom gets quite time. Michael and I share two hours everyday in the morning talking and drinking coffee together after the kids go to school. IF I have anything that is bothering me I usually tell him at that time. He will give me ideas on how to work through it and maybe suggest I try something. He is my rock. He keeps me on the right path. I can't believe we have been married for 13 years and the last 3 months have been the best.
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