Why we quit maintenance spankings altogether!

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Re: Why we quit maintenance spankings altogether!

Post by AddyJane » Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:25 pm

You caught me on a good day ‘Robin’.
Have we spoken before? I don’t recall you introducing yourself, but you seem familiar. From Texas huh????

Monodimensional is an interesting choice of words.... I might use that same word to describe your depiction of DD- perhaps an area where we might find common ground is just how monodimensional we find each other to be- our ‘first’ impression of each other so to speak.

Certainly that common ground will not be on our take on maintenance, nor on DD.

From your other string of posts I see that you feel very isolated! Of all the things you write that I can believe. However I’m afraid you might have a hard time relating to others here as well! Luck with that!

Hopefully that comes across with the level of terseness I intended it to!

submissive.robin wrote:
Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:35 pm

I'm glad you added an addendum at the end of your post. I think you came off a little terse. I think that your epiphany about not getting in trouble for the same thing twice has indeed made maintenance moot for you. It also sounds like DD is monodimensional for you... that is... you only use it to punish and discipline for bad behavior. However I am sure you recognize that spanking... including maintenance... serves a host of issues for each partner individually and as a couple.

My Sir and I have a standing protocol. It is one he has only availed himself of a handful of times in our 15 years of marriage. He as the HoH may ask (emphasis on ask) to give me a hard punishment spanking and he doesn't have to provide a reason other than he wants to. The most recent was back in March. It had been over 4 years before that. It was a lazy afternoon and it was perfect to work in the yard. The girls were both at soccer practice.

He came over to me, almost apologetically, to ask me something. When he paused, I knew what he wanted and even though I felt a jolt of apprehension, my Sir has never taken any advantage of our CDD love affair and I wasn't going to let pain and discomfort of corporal discipline take precedent over my need to submit and support my Sir.

"I would like to take you inside for a punishment spanking." He said softly. I am sure my face fell. I asked if I had done something wrong and he lovingly assured me that it was just him feeling the need to exert his authority. That took an emotional load off. I understood. I have come to him on more than one occasion asking for a spanking, just because I wanted to feel him exert that authority.

It was a profoundly difficult punishment and took the better part of an hour to administer the three corner times, three sets of spankings and the after care. I was sobbing for almost 15 minutes afterwards because I felt like an emotional bomb went off between us. Spanking for us is as emotionally bonding as kissing and making love. We don't trivialize it and I often have emotional tears afterwards. In this case the tears were from my loving response as well as the unbelievable pain of our large paddle.

I share all that just to point out that punishment and discipline aren't the only thing that many of us use DD for. And while you aren't obligated to embrace those reasons, give grace to those of us who are a little more needy when it comes to spankings. And yes... my maintenance spanking is coming up Wednesday night.

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Re: Why we quit maintenance spankings altogether!

Post by DesertRose » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:03 pm

I've never been convinced by the idea of maintenance spanking, I don't understand it.
🌸 I want a husband who will love me enough to punish me.

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